Sustainability & Stewardship

Caring for our planet.


Environmentally Responsible


Our farmland has been preserved into perpetuity by a 2008 conservation easement held by North Olympic Land Trust. This easement makes us think differently about our land and ensuring its use is available to future generations. Our rapid growth since converting to raw milk in 2006 has allowed opportunities to rebuild the infrastructure of our farm with a focus on efficiency, animal health and comfort, as well as being socially and environmentally responsible. We look to examples of biomimicry- emulating sustainable systems in the natural environment to improve our processes. Whenever possible, the outputs of one process become inputs for another; just like sustainable systems in nature. Examples include our fully automated manure flush system which uses reclaimed wash water from our production and processing operations to flush the barn every hour. The system separates dairy manure fibers- which are sold to local garden enthusiasts, and the remaining liquid is the only source of fertilizer used to maintain our pasture. Surplus liquid manure is sent to a neighboring organic produce farm to aid in soil fertility while leftover milk and skim from our bottling plant is sent to a neighboring pig farm. Nothing goes to waste.

Solar Array

In 2015 we installed a 72 panel solar array that offsets the energy requirements of our production process. Additionally, we converted to LED lighting and variable speed drives for the majority of our electric motors. We have a long term goal of net zero energy consumption.